Tanumar Setting

The continent of Tanumar is varied geographically. This isn’t a natural occurance, however.

The Last Great Mages” as they are called, where the very forces of nature that shaped Tanumar to the way it is now. The Great Mages were masters of magic and each wanted to prove their mastery over the others. The legends go that the Mages each claimed there own territory, pieces of Tanumar, and shaped them to their liking.

  • The fiery Mage of Infernos charred the ground and raised mountain shaping volcanoes. He dried the lands and created wind swept deserts.
  • The Mage of the Tempest channeled tunnels through mountains to play a grand organ made of the mountain.
  • The Mage of the Deluge created a great deep bowl where rivers converged to create great waterfalls that nearly encircled it’s entirety.

The Capitals, a legion of cities that have banded together to create a form of stability in the land have begun their reign not to long ago. The Capitals still seek to further their reach and include more worthy nations to their cause. The Capitals main city, Jewelspar, resides in Swordpoint.

The lands to the south are a domain of desert climates. Cracked earth, mountains, the scant oasis and cities that take refuge on the edge of the desert. The Sea of Sand is exactly as it sounds. Farther south there sits dunes and hidden caves buried beneath the sweeping sands.

The lands to the east are best described as Oriental. The peoples of the East have grown accustomed to semi isolation. Blocked by mountains on the west and north of it, and the “forsaken lands” to the south of it, the lands in the East have remained very introverted. Little is known as fact about those who dwell to the East, but most is gleamed from surviving expeditionary parties regaling tales of mystical warriors and unexplainable creatures.

The Northlands are at the most extreme are frigid and desolate, the more forgiving is the lands closer to the center of the Tanumarian continent. In this region the summers are fair and the winter’s are harsh. Many forests have cropped up and hunting is good sport in these lands. Most folk are hardy and capable to handle most laborious tasks. Dwarves find themselves at home here.

The Central Plains are where rolling grassy hills and herds of animals roam freely. The weather is nice and the sky seems to stretch on forever. Bloody battles have taken place here leaving remnants of past glory now to seep in mud. The Capitals have claimed Mandaville as the center of operations and protect most of the central lands. Many years of strife has created traditions of strength, power and honor among many families and entire towns, a fighting spirit flows through all of those who live in the Central Plains.

Tanumar Setting

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